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48' Loadking 3 axle drop nose lowboy trailer

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On 1/12/2021 at 6:02 PM, ShakyCraftsman said:

Hey misterNNL

 I just measured it and works out to be approximately 5.00 feet long!!! 

Tractor is 17.0" total length, 13.875" frt. Bumper to king pin.

Jeep is aroind 13.0" total length, 6.50" king pin if jeep to king pin on flip section of trailer.

Trailer is 29.0" total length, 28.25" king pin to rear of trailer.

Stinger (booster) is 11.00" total length.

So 13.875" + 6.50" + 28.25" + 11.00" = 59.625" almost 5 feet😱😱😱

Ron G 

Are you going to add on to the House, to display the model? A well designed project,  thanks for the great detail pictures.  

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Hey bigred

 Nope, I'm going to make a 6 to 8 foot long shelf that will simulate a two lane road to display it on.

  Hey all

  I've been working on the gooseneck of the trailer. I have the hydraulic power pack done and painted.

20210116_120346.jpgthis view shows the complete hydraulic power pack. It's kind of hard to see the hydraulic lines because they are black and so is the power pack. The line on the right is the feed line that goes to the front of the flip section to a fitting where the tractor hydraulic system would hook up. The hydraulic pump and the motor are on the left.

20210116_120326.jpgthis view shows the Honda 13hp engine and hydraulic pump, also the exhaust pipe that I added. The silver colored lines/fittings are the feed and return lines to the main hydraulic cylinders.

20210116_120306.jpgthis view shows the hydraulic tank and lines/fittings.

20210116_120246.jpgthis view shows the fitting for the feed line from the tractor.  

20210116_114154.jpgthis view shows the hydraulic power pack sitting in place on the gooseneck.

20210116_114134.jpgthis view shows the feed line from the fitting in front of the flip section to the hydraulic tank 

20210116_114109.jpgthis view shows the exhaust pipe clearing the frame.

  I also created from plastic and aluminum tubing the gooseneck support system and hydraulic cylinder.

20210116_165228.jpgthis view shows everything added to the gooseneck.

20210116_165206.jpgthis view shows the gooseneck support system in the up/retracted position.

20210116_165133.jpgthis view shows the gooseneck support system in the down/extended position.

20210116_165335.jpganother view showing the gooseneck support system in the down position. Well that's it for now be back with more soon.

Ron G 

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