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440 Dakota

bunch of stuff can go

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have way to many kits that just don't interest me any longer, some sealed, some sealed inside and some others, happy to provide additional pics and info just PM me


looking for air cooled VW stuff, Porsche, pickups, big rig and oddball stuff, not interested in any muscle cars, drag cars, or hot rod type stuff, also no convertibles of any kind, will trade up, down and multiples to make the right trade for both of us







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Posted (edited)

all PMs replied to

sorry I know my want list is pretty narrow but I'm just not interested in trading for things I'd have to turn around and find another home for, also not interested in built up stuff I just don't do rebuilds anymore

so I've thought of a few more things that might be of interest

Brat reissue, Pinto wagon reissue, Fuzz Duster, Dart Sport, large scale bikes but not any of the Revell choppers had my fill of those, yellow flat box Testors stuff, 1/32 scale aircraft, and civilian aircraft various scales considered

will add to this list as I think of things

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On 8/24/2020 at 9:36 PM, 440 Dakota said:


looking for air cooled VW stuff,


Would you be interested in any of these, 1 is basically a body and chassis and the other 3 are started but complete. I also have a der beetle bus that is missing the colored glass but still has the clear







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