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68 Country Sedan / Squire wagon

Paul Hettick

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Getting the shapes correct. The roof and rear body is grafted from the 66 Ford wagon. For sure doing the Squire, am looking into creating the standard grill to do the base wagon. Corrected the A pillar shapes that were off on the 66. Amazing how far off the wheel openings were.



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On 9/5/2020 at 11:33 PM, bisc63 said:

Interesting project; will definitely be following. Are your 77 Thunderbird castings available for purchase? Really loved that one! I keep looking around here for a mention, but no go...

I was hoping to get one of them, but it went out of my price range before I even had a chance to place a bid.



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9 hours ago, Claes Ericsson said:

Prices are getting better, bi-weekly.? Latest one went for $386..... 

Hopefully eventually I'll be able to pick one up for less than $200.  But the molds deteriorate so  the early examples are likely "crisprer" than when the molds are getting worn out.

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16 minutes ago, Deuces ll said:

15 bucks maybe..... And not a penny more!..

I hope you're joking.  While over $500 dollars seems quite a ridiculous amount to me, so does $15.  Come on, it is a custom made, resin case, full detail kit.  Even mass-produced injection-molded kits sell for quite a bit more money that $15.  BTW, there is currently a built-up T-Bird model being auctioned off.  It is gorgeous!

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