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Dodge LS1000

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I really like what you have so far Brian!! It looks great!! I like these trucks!! Great work!

 I did a little research on these when I built mine. For anyone who might be interested, here is s what I found. First, Dodge was bad to change how they identified their trucks so there will be variations. Most of these were identified this way:

L- series of the truck

V or N- v configuration engine or inline 

S or T single or tandem drive

Some were referred to as simply LS or LT without the middle digit.

My wrecker build was tandem drive with a 6-71 so it is a LNT 1000.

Just some fun useless information. ?

Looking forward for seeing this one built.


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Thanks for all the comments. Thanks Brian for all of the great information. The little Dodge is finished. 
I made several mistakes on this one but it still turned out decent. I may bring it back to the bench this winter and rework some of the issues. 




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Very very nice, looks great. Nice color combo and the weathering looks good. 

I didn't know you could put a Dodge cab on a GMC frame and not have the thing melt into a pile of goo. Some kind of crime has to have been committed here.

Keep up the good work.

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