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Dale Gribble

Round 2 of clearing out things I won’t build for things I will

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I want to thin out things I won’t ever build , and get in some stuff I will! Unless noted otherwise , kits are new and unstarted . Located in the heart of the Midwest for fast shipping to either end of the US ! 

amt 1967 camaro - sealed inside 

32 ford - sealed 

Nissan Silvia opened - new inside 

galaxie 48 SD , **ONLY UP TO TRADE FOR Galaxie 1948 AEROSEDAN**

Gene snow charger 

Valvoline dragster 

Westinghouse power plant - has a couple broken  parts with piece to repair - inventoried complete minus insert booklets . Very very rare kit 

brad Doty sprint car 

ed Roth 57 Chevy - no decals , otherwise complete 

1904 trevethick steam engine- sealed 

aoshima fish market cart - one cart in box with some Fish and accessories 

thomTaylor vette AGIN opened , new 

Revell Cadillac Lowrider - sealed , have a case 

Revell 58 Cadillac 

goodyear blimp Opened , new 

1/32 Meng Toyota Hilux

62 Buick 

65 el Camino - sealed 

el Camino ss - no mini bike 

70 challenger - opened , new 

rat fink - kit only , no cardboard dio 

gangbusters 32 Chrysler original issue . No cycle

johan 1960 Plymouth wagon. Unbuilt , comes with Modelhaus front bumper 

64 thunderbird annual . Looks complete other than one taillight Missing

1/32 havoline race rig - sealed  












I’m looking for the following kits . only looking for unbuilt stuff , no projects , gluebombs or started kits please 

Revell 70’s custom van 

amt 1976 caprice

italeri freightliner 

johan 1975 and 1970 cutlass 

68-69 and 71-73 impala caprice 

midnite cowboy tow truck or other wrecker kits 

Revell Snaptite 1/32 vw pickup w/atv

johan Cadillacs

1/12 and 1/8 scale stuff 

ed Roth vehicles 

Modelhaus 85 caprice 

mobeius trailer 

Revell car hauler trailer 

revell lil coffin 

Revell Honda Civic tuner 

AMT 1963 / 64 impala 























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1 hour ago, fshoemake said:

Interested in the fury emergency wagon if you still have it

I do!

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What do you want for the 64 Thunderbird?


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4 hours ago, Tom99 said:

What do you want for the 64 Thunderbird?


My want list is at the bottom of the post 😀

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On 10/5/2020 at 6:42 PM, Tonioseven said:

I have a Johan 75 Cutlass. I dig the Revell Cadillac.

I might be interested in a swap. Send me some pics

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