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Payhauler 350 Build.

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I got a little staled on the trailer this last week because I needed some styrene I beams to connect the 2 halves together. I don't have a LHS in my area and so I need to order on line, or visit one that is 110 miles away. Yes, 110 miles to the closest hobby shop. However, work sent me to Spokane, 200 miles away and they have 2 shops. 

I did get some work done on the truck. I am calling it 99% finished. I will add glad hands and wire connections once the trailer is finished so I get the length right.

I may have said this before, but the kit decals were junk and I had to use some others. I swapped out the kit exhaust pipes for some aluminum tube polished up. I still need some license plates, but will add those in the end when I find the right state.

So, here is the tractor for this get up. 








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Well, I have got more done. I needed something to fill in the space between the 2 sides, I beam was the ticket. The beams are all installed and solid. I added the ramps to the front of the trailer that the truck will roll up onto. 

You may notice that the "wood" area is installed and painted with several colors. I layed down a base of Red Oxide primer followed by some dark brown then light brown, yellow and I touched up a few spots with some brushed on rust/brown. Once this gets color on it I will come back and lightly sand off the top of the color to expose the wood grain under it. Most of these trailers were painted with the wood in place. Or, repainted with the wood on it. 

I also covered the side rails and the ramps with aluminum tape (thick BMF). It will also get covered with red oxide primer and then color. I will scratch and beat this up just a little to expose the "Metal" below. It is also nice that it is thick as it dents really well giving the effect of ding, dents and gouges. 

This trailer is not going to be "trashed" or beat up badly, but some light wear like any trailer of this kind would have. 

In the last picture you will see these little noisy do-dads. I have the proper devise for rapidly removing the rounded ends. (still warm ;) ) These will have the little round deals that start the pop removed and will be drilled out to turn these into hydraulic cylinders for the lifting gooseneck. They happen to be 9mm in diameter so they make some real nice cylinders. 





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The Cylinders are taking shape. I have them installed and they are working. Still some clean up to do, but this is a major hurdle. One more ram that holds up the gooseneck and then I can start making the plumbing to attach it all and make it work. I am going to add a hydraulic tank to the truck and get power from it. I will have to add a PTO to the trans, but that is easy. 

The Brass was drilled to 5/32 and a 5/32 tube super glued inside. The rams are 1/8in tube with 5/32in ends. The Luger 9mm on the ends of the cylinders are filled and sanded smooth, but because the glue is clear you can still see it in the pictures. 

Everything works as it would on the real truck. All the geometry worked out and if I could power the cylinders, they would work. 








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4 minutes ago, gotnitro? said:

Aww love those noisy do dads!!!  Funny cause of one my wreckers had 303 diameter cylinders.

Your lowboy is really filling out now , can't wait to see the finish from the tape !  

There is a place real close to my house, about 1/2 mile, that buts up to BLM land. People go out there to use their noise sticks and they leave a lot of brass behind. I have gone out and cleaned up a lot of it and I save them. If I need bigger cylinders I have a lot of options. everything from .22 to .45 and even some larger stuff. 

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On 10/24/2021 at 5:00 PM, ROY FERGUSON said:

If you want to expand the side rails these are available on SHPAEWAYS.

1/24 lowboy outrigger

1/24 lowboy outrigger 3d printed

Be very careful with those! I used them on my custom lowboy and they are VERY fragile, because they are printed in the best detail resin, which has great detail, but is very brittle. If you can contact the gentleman that makes these on Shapeways see if he will print them in the white processed plastic/vinyl. A little more clean up but much stronger.

Ron G 

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