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Dennis Lacy

1929 Ford Pickup 80's Contemporary Street Rod - A Tim Boyd Tribute!

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Thank you for the invite!  Seems we have a mutual admirer: @tim boyd

Let's see if we can run this thread out the backend of this forum!

Been mining parts and have found an interesting difference from the past and now!?. 


There's a BIG WINDOW and a SMALL WINDOW version of the Revell 1929 Ford Pickup!

For the '80s Contemporary Street Rod - Tim Boyd Tribute build... I think I'll go with the:


BIG WINDOW version!

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@Kit Karson

Welcome aboard! 

And for those of you wondering, Kit and I are pals and are in nearly daily communication talking models and cars thanks to the wonderful technology of text messaging. He got inspired to start his own Boyd Tribute ‘29 Pickup and rather than start a new thread I invited him to tag onto this one. We also have good intel that a mutual friend will be joining us in the near future. 

The 80’s Billet Street Rod scene is back!

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alright, alright, alright!!!! I guess we're all going back to the future. Here's my mockup. The wheels are from the Revell '37 convertible. It's been so long I've done a build with directional wheels, I'm not sure which way they're supposed to be going! I found a good deal on a '29 pickup kit on ebay and I'm awaiting its' arrival. I need to finish the build I'm almost ready to put into the paint booth before I really dive into this.... stay tuned....



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Wow, this is going to be great to watch. Making me want to build one too. Pretty sure I have enough acceptable parts to work with too.

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On 10/2/2020 at 7:14 PM, Dennis Lacy said:

LMAO! Those exact words left my fathers mouth countless times in my youth. Looking back on it as a 40 year old, if what I was doing in school was half as interesting as building models I probably would have made a better effort. 🤣

When I was teaching, I repeatedly pointed out that most of the curriculum and lessons were written to be as off-putting as possible to as many kids as possible. I supplemented-, heavily, with my own materials, and in one case, I was handed what was openly admitted to be a clunker of a class, looked at the curriculum, said "oh, cool," round-filed it, and did my own stuff that the kids liked, that met desired end-reuslts, and they were learning  from. Even if they weren't crazy over a particular area, they were getting value, and I was told as much by the end-users....the students!

Yeah, admin didn't like hearing that.

I will, however, like watching this.

Charlie Larkin

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9 hours ago, 68shortfleet said:

Wow, this is going to be great to watch. Making me want to build one too. Pretty sure I have enough acceptable parts to work with too.

I highly recommend that you do!

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Spent another afternoon plugging away. At this point I'm pretty certain all of the necessary fabrication work is done and the project can move forward into the primer and paint phase. 

Exhaust system is fabricated. The blue sections were made from 3 sections each of the pipes in Revell's '37 Convertible. The white sections come from Revell's 1967 Pro Street Chevelle/Malibu and represent classic 80's Supertrapp mufflers (originally developed for motorcycles I believe) just like Tim used. One of the key recognizable design elements that were a must for my own truck. 



To the Corvette IRS I added some differential cover and spring U-bolt bolt detail. 


I added the windshield header from Revell's '26 T Sedan to make this area a little more interesting and also to strengthen and straighten the somewhat warped windshield header area. I also added a strip of .040" up inside for additional strength.



The other day my paint order came in and here they are! Black for the fenders, purple for the frame, grill, cab and bed and pink accent for the engine and drivetrain. I decided to go with black fenders as a nod to the original commercial purpose of the truck and because I felt like purple on the fenders too might be a bit much. The pink accent will be a nod and tie-in to Tim's truck that inspired mine.


I also got in a sheet of Hawaii license plates that I found on eBay. There is one of every year and style. I'll be using the 1929 plates as Hawaii (like many states) allows you to assign Year Of Manufacture plates on vintage vehicles.


And the reason for the Hawaii license plates is because this is not only going to be an authentic late 80's street rod, it's also going to be a Surf Shop Truck on the Big Island! The decals and surf board come from Revell's 1937/1938 Ford Pickup while the rest of the items come from Monogram's "Blue Bandito" 1929 Pickup which was a retro reissue with all of it's original "Blue Beetle" content restored, scuba gear included. Monogram surprised everyone with this kit restored and I've been waiting for a just-right project to finally use these accessories.




Here's the last mock up before primer sprays. Included is all of the surf junk and you can also see the Supertrapp muffler peeking out under the running board. I can't wait to see this truck come together in color!





That's it. Next time I update there will be lots of pink and purple parts!



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