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Toyota Tundra and Ford F-150 Ranger

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I think after all they are trucks...eh? RC though.

I treated them like scale models...that's why I insist on buying hard shell body ones. Tamiya's the best!

The F-150 Ranger goes first. It is a Blackfoot 2016, with 3D printed emblems. I call her "the Fireball." Got some aftermarket flame decals for her. Window nets made from masking tapes.







Then I have the Tundra. I actually have a 2020 TRD Offroad one, so this Tundra is a must-have to me.




Also I got the MFC-02 kit for sound and lighting...

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They're both very nice! I could spend a ton of money on R/C's! That's why I don't have one. But, those really make me want one!

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Those are very nice, I've always wanted a Blackfoot and Lunchbox to build replicas to Awesome Kong II and Rollin' Thunder but I know I wouldn't be able to stop with those.

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Definitely, excellent work done... These are remarkable... Beautiful...

I want to buy a1/14 scale Freightliner Cascadia from Tamiya, so bad, I can't stand it!!! However!! Just as Roger "Plowboy" alluded to, just too expensive... Just a basic setup would cost me about a thousand US dollars... Can't do it...

But I do really love RC!!! I'd love to participate... ?

These are very nice builds...

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