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15 hours ago, r60man said:

I am building a Black widow right now. Having issues with foil, I think mine is too old and not sticking as well as it should. Thinking I should just paint it. But this is a great resource, thanks!

BMF will get hard to use with age especially if its not kept in an air proof environment. should store it in a zip lock bag. Also I had to actually get some from the actual guy that makes the stuff before I got some good fresh product.

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On 10/27/2020 at 11:20 AM, TransAmMike said:

Good to know about the zip lock bag thing  Mark.  Got some new foil on the way.

Hope you get some good stuff. I ordered some from micro mark and had nothing but problems with it. Thats when i sought out the actual guy who makes it and ordered it from him. That product worked good but now i cant remember who i ordered it from when I need some more.

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2 hours ago, TransAmMike said:

Mark, was the foil from MicroMark the "new improved" version or the "ultra chrome" version??

I got some of both and neither one stuck very well. I dont know if maybe it has a shelf life and micro mark let it get past its shelf life. 

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