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Is Ashbrook's in Richmond, MI, dead?


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Hey Everyone!

I was just looking around and feeling nostalgic for some pre-COVID hobbyshop love, and I thought "I'll check Ashbrook's site". Nothing came up. I did some digging, and there was some reference to the shop being auctioned.

I'm talking about Ashbrook's Hobby (Formerly Prieh's Hobby) in Richmond, Michigan, just off Division Line. 

I'm in Canada, and haven't been stateside since October 2019. They were running well then. Got a lot of stuff there, too.

If there's anyone from the area who knows, can you tell me if they're dead?

It's a shame, because I loved going to Ken's Country Kitchen and then walking down to Ashbrook's to have a fantastic afternoon of food and sprue. If they're gone, it's a true loss. 


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Well, shoot.

That's a real kick in the jaw. 

It was literally my very most favourite place in MI to go. It had great old kits, lots of MPC stuff, the odd Jo-Han and HotWheels out the whazoo. Great deals, friendly staff, great atmosphere.

It was about 4 doors away from Ken's Country Kitchen, too; a fantastic place for lunch/dinner. 

Made a great half-day trip. Down there, eat huge at Ken's, drop my nephew and those who didn't want to shop for kits at the beautiful park just around the corner, and come back and roll around in styrene and die cast. 

This sucks. Like 2020 needed help being crappier. 

Thanks for the link, Steve!

Sadly, I'd had a lot of those kits in my hands, and decided I could "get them later". Then came COVID, closed borders and the end. 


At least I got a lot out of it while it was still alive!

Rest well. Another local shop gone.

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sorry Faust, my subscription to auction news lapsed.And since the Covid 19 hit haven't been driving around as much ! I will try to find you a new place to go when and if? this is is all over? Red cedar antiques in williamston, mi is a cool place. hit or miss on stuff!

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My local hobby shop is Great Lakes Hobby and Toys.  They are located at 43055 Van Dyke Ave, Sterling Heights, MI 48314 which is about a mile south of M-59.  They are located in an old super market building and are one of the largest hobby shops in the Midwest, and everything is discounted 15-20%.  They have a HUGE selection of models of all types and scales, including automotive kits.  Definitely worth the the time to visit them.  http://greatlakeshobby.com/about-our-company/



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