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WIP Britt - Magnificent Seven, 1:9 Mitches Military Models

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... that is James Coburn. Rather reticent, but accurate. Except for the situation when he aimed at the horse and hit the rider  .
I'll have a little more to do with this. I will have to make the brim of the hat from GS, because the shape is completely different.
I will have to spray it with the primer, because the face also seems a bit too square, too masive by te jaw - though I might be wrong. Painting can do a lot, and screw up a lot.
Shirt very nicely detailed!PA120257.thumb.JPG.8e112ccd77db26975f97ceeb4be0a141.JPGPA120262.JPG.35dc6e7cd3c7bba45d656dc65ee469b6.JPGPA120263.JPG.f5d1cc817efe38db5b46a582cf06b632.JPGPA120264.thumb.JPG.21e5bf950b8d36fb8be702d33dca5955.JPG


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On 10/22/2020 at 1:39 AM, cobraman said:

Nice job on the hat brim.

Thanks Ray. Always doing my best.

I repainted my shirt completely. It is not supposed to be blue, rather gray or khaki.

Skarsnik green and light gray, then seraphim sepia:


Same mixture (more gray this time) as a filter. Base color with black in the recesses. Wet mixed now. It's starting to look good.




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On 10/30/2020 at 1:54 AM, cobraman said:

I wish I had half of your talent.

We all have talents! And yes, perhaps, some skills too. But it's only matter of some training.

Glazes! Three days of work, because each layer (about 20) needs to dry before next one. Dwarf skin with white overall, then cadmium skin for more exposed parts of face and finally cadian fleshtone for merge everything and smooth the transitions.PA300320.thumb.JPG.d0f5abee102fd775f344744ac29aede7.JPGPA310330.thumb.JPG.b6b7df43308e348c1d81b54d9c399fc5.JPGPB010339.JPG.392541d736e224a25fa25096dd14ea77.JPG


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Eyes and lips - ready, still need a few touch of proper color, but I call this stage done:


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