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So many van and truck kits

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I've done a good number of van and truck kits in my younger years. Dodge Off-Road Camper, Monogram GMC Jimmy, Chevy Luv, Warlock, Lil Red Wagon, Foxy Box, the KISS van, Hijacker, Street Connection, Kandy Van, Monogram Street Van. Vantastic to name a few. Anyhow, I came across this one and never seen it before. I wonder if anyone has one in their stash? Definitely a cool truck.


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The Premier Rampside kit is pretty rare - used to be all but impossible to find. Actually not a bad kit but it is a bit undersized and more like 1/28th scale. No glass included. About 15-20 yrs ago it was reissued in resin by a company known as Corvairmodels. This resin kit came in a reproduction box and was a direct copy of the Premier kit.  Recently 2 Rampside kits have been released in resin. The one from Best models and another by Robert Burns. Both are available on Ebay, The Best models is pretty much always listed. Both of these are very nice kits, more correct in scale, and nicer than the Premier version.   Just wish either Best or Burns would get the Greenbrier and panel Corvair vans released. Robert Burns does list a partially one once in awhile.

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