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1/16 Scale Cummins BigCam NTC-475 (Done)

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Hello, wasn't sure how to let members who were following this build know the engine was completed, so I just started another post topic. Please refer to the "Big Scale Big Cam Pete 359" in the WIP section for details on this build. I'm building a stretched frame, long hood version, '79 Peterbilt 359, with steerable front wheels, custom tanks, tool boxes, opening cab doors, custom Pete oval 10 hole wheels, with a fully hosed and wired engine and chassis, and scratch built smooth bore food grade tanker trailer to top things off. A big project, but with the caliber of my fellow builders here, you must step your game up from time to time. Thanks again!







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7 minutes ago, Mr mopar said:

Look's real good James ,now for that Transmission ?

Yes, I,m currently trying to determine which transmission I plan to represent on this build. I know I don't want to do an 18 speed, due to it kinda being overkill, so i'm leaning 13 speed. Once I lock down which 13 i'd like to model, and rather or not it will have an external filter and cooler, i'll get it plumbed up. Any feedback would be appreciated. I've been driving big trucks for over 25 years, and currently drive for a well known worldwide freight/shipping company, so a lot of the old school truck info I,m gathering from tech sheets and reference photos. Thanks again for your interest.

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13 hours ago, Dave Van said:

Is that th engine from the RM kit??? Looks GREAT......I need a 1/16 inline 6 for a project. 

No, everything was scratch built with the exception the transmission, fan, oil and fuel filters, alternator, starter, and turbochargers. These parts were removed from the kit supplied Caterpillar V-8 and in some cases highly modified to work with this build.

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