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Howdy folks,,long time no see,,well as far as posting that is.  The shut downs havent shutdown my building bench thats for sure,,always have somthin goin on. So this is a kit I,picked up last NNL show in detroit{before all the cvd BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH started}  its the Tyronemalone SuperBoss drag truck. When I got the kit I saw the paint/decal  work required,,and wow,,  big job for sure,,so I decided to do my own type of paint/decal work,,simplified it  for my skillset.  There was no way I could have done the exact paint/decal as the box art shows. At any rate,,there were some fitment issues with the kit,,like the exhaust  exit spots at the hood,,had to dremmel some space for those so hood would fit right. Also scrtchbuilt stronger spar supports for rear wing,,cut the side windows out to see interior better. Other than that,,bx stock.  its still was a fun kit to do,,and looks decent on the shelf,,and thats all I really need from it.  Wishing you all the best in these crazy times.    S






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Thanks guys,,Ive seen some other builds of this out there  and I dont know how they did all the paint /decal work like the 1;1 truck,,I did notice that there were really small raised "guidelines" on the body to paint inside of to help with the paint scheme,,but it would have been quite an undertaking for my skill level,,maybe next time,,build on!

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