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Revell Cobra 1/24

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Hi all, I thought I’d post this build here since it’s a racer and one of the members suggested I post it here. Its also posted on the ‘model cars’ forum with a white background in case you want to see it there. Thanks for looking!







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On 10/28/2020 at 1:34 PM, iBorg said:

I agree. Please do a tutorial on how to replicate that steering wheel?

Thank you Mike! I just now posted a tutorial under the tutorial category. It’s titled ‘Chrome vinyl details from scratch’. I hope it helps and makes sense. This was my first attempt posting something that detailed anywhere, but I think it was successful.?

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On 10/28/2020 at 8:52 AM, Rich Chernosky said:

Excellent job, interior is top notch. Especially the steering wheel. 

Hi Rich, and thank you! I just posted a tutorial on the tutorial category which includes how the steering wheel was done, in case you’re interested. It’s titled ‘Chrome vinyl details from scratch’

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5 hours ago, Codi said:

The paint looks oh so right Josh.  As does the rest of the build.   congrats on a clean build.  tim

Thanks so much Tim... I really tried hard to get the paint right.

PS: I’ve been keeping an eye on your WIP Maverick. Incredible stuff!!

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50 minutes ago, Straightliner59 said:

I really like this, Josh! Like Tim said--the paint looks perfect! No decals buried in high-gloss clear. I like your seat belt hardware, as well--great, innovative idea, there! Very nice work.


Daniel, I thank you for your compliments! The paint is waterborne done with airbrush and was my first time mixing my own color, plus using waterborne, plus using an airbrush on a model, so it took some trial and error before I got it right. The clear actually comes out more dull than what you see and has to be polished out. At first I hated it, but now after some experience I am really beginning to appreciate how workable it is.

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