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Revell 70 Torino GT & Cobra


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Last week I was looking at all the models I have in progress and decided I needed to get at least one more done this year. I picked the Tamiya TS-50 Mica blue painted Revell 70 Torino GT kit.

Old kit started in April 2005



But when I started to work on it I discovered I was missing some vital components of the front suspension, like lower control  arms, tie rod, and stabilizer bar. Then I realized I forgot to put the rear view mirrors on before I painted, and the paint job was not as good as it was 15 years ago. So, I started my new and improved version of this same kit. I painted this one Tamiya TS-54 light metallic blue and for this interior I decided to go with the black and white optional interior as opposed to the light blue interior of my original build.

New kit started October 2020.

I also started the Torino Cobra kit in April of 2005 and only got as far as painting the body. Originally I painted it with some type of Testors Auto Lacquer yellow but it did not turn out well. Into the purple pond it went and on went some Testors enamel grabber green. Well that came out pretty thick and ugly so into it's box it went to languish for 15 years. I broke it out the other day and gave it another bath in purple power then shot it with Tamiya TS-97 pearl yellow. I will put a black interior in this one along with the rear window slats. Tires and wheels will be kit supplied I think, unless I go for some chrome reverse.






The kicker is, one of these two Torinos  will be sporting a Boss 429. I used the basic block from the Revell kit with the heads, intake, and valve covers from the AMT 70 Galaxie police car to build my Boss 429.

I have read from online sources that an early factory brochure stated that the boss 429 4v was available in the Cobra only. Of course there are no records to indicate one was ever built at the factory so this will be a fantasy build or a "what if" build. If you do a web search on 1970 Boss 429 Torinos there are a couple out there where people have performed this swap in real life.

I suspect Ford specified the Torino Cobra for the Boss 429 because of hood clearance problems. Since I do not want to cut up the GT hood, if the Boss don't fit below that then into the Cobra he goes. Stay tuned for more :-)

Since I can't get enough of a good thing, I just won another Revell 70 Torino Cobra from evil bay. This one has the decals to make it a twister special which I might do. I would need to get some stock hubcaps/trim rings from Fireball model works for it to be accurate. As far as the Calypso Coral orange paint, I think I can fake that by first shooting orange on the body then shooting clear red over that. I also have some Testors Hugger orange and maybe a can of hemi orange, not sure about that last one. MCW does not list Calypso Coral on their sight and I really don't want to spend $35 for a can of paint from auto touchup.

Or I could just paint it red and put the decals in a box someplace.

The original in progress build is back in it's box and when I run across the missing parts I'll put it together as well.

Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.

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Here  is how I want the blue  GT to look.



This is my last set of MRC Crager mags and American Satco Parilli tires.

I have made my engine selections. Sorry GT, you get the 429 Cobra Jet engine.


The Cobra will get the Boss 429.


While the engine would fit under the hood of the GT by using the air cleaner from the AMT 70 Galaxie  police car, I liked the way it looked better with the cold air package from the Cobra.


Tires and wheels for the Cobra will be a set of L60 x 15 RWL tires from AMT and the Chrysler  Magnum 500s from the AMT 1970 Super Bee kit. I like the deeper look of the AMT wheels.

Well, this is it for now, thank you for looking and all comments welcomed.

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Looking good there Robert.  Pretty blue and love those Cragers.  I'm down to me last set of Cragers and will use them on my '71 W-30 hooded Cutlass.  But, for the life of me, I can't remember if on my real car back in 71 if I put Cragers or Torque Thrusts. I special ordered it and it came with poverty caps.

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