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MPC 88 Beretta GT


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Just finished this one up. It's just a simple build for fun. No details with a few changes made (wheels, tires, lowered and cowl hood. The idea for it was to build a Beretta that a pony car lover wouldn't mind driving. Sort of a "what if Chevy had replaced the Camaro with the Beretta?"

While this model was way out of my norm, it was a pretty fun little model to build. The only issues I encountered were the fitment of the glass after I had eliminated the runners and the fit of the down pipe from the optional turbo to the exhaust. Other than that, it went pretty well. I'm satisfied with how it turned out. Definitely something different and I always like to change things up. It'll fit right in with my Escort and Pinto models. Paint is Tamiya Chrome Yellow and clear. 







Thanx for checking it out! 

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Hi Roger,  that is a great version of the Baretta!  Love the Chev rally’s on it, with low profile tires, cowl hood... looks fantastic. Although, I agree with the others, thankfully it did not replace the Camaro. 
Cheers, Steve

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Thanx for the comments everyone! I appreciate it! 

8 hours ago, slusher said:

Roger, you gave it a sharp sporty look!  Beautifully done.  Where did you get the wheels friend!

Thanx Carl! No idea of their origin. I got them in a trade many years ago. Thinking they came from a diecast.

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