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Cannonball Run 2020 FINISHED BUILDS


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Here is our OFFICIAL Starting Line for the 2020 CANNONBALL RUN!... If you have completed a build for the 2020 Cannonball Run CBP, please post it here.

Please give a us a good description of the work done and models used and a maximum of six photos that show off your model to it's best advantage. It's fine to ad a screen still of the Movie car you modeled. it's been said before, NO ONE has ever won this with lousy photos. 

If you've just come to look, please leave no comments. Please put your atta-boys in the main build thread. Or you can search for these wonderful builds in the Under glass section. Let's leave this clear so we just have photos to peruse when it comes down to the voting. Thanks.

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I'm going to do this before I forget.

I built the Decepticon Barricade's vehicle form from the first Transformers movie. The kit is the Revell 2007 Shelby Mustang built mostly kit stock except for some Fujimi Advan wheels, decals I had made by Firebird Designs, and the light bar from Spotlight Hobbies.

Most of the work went into lowering the kit about a quarter inch. I had to grind the upper areas of the wheel wells and rebuild parts of the rear due to the wider tires. I also had to shorten the rear coils and grind the top of the axle along with a molded in part on the chassis to get the rear end down. Paint is Duplicolor white and black with about half a dozen coats of Mr. Super Clear gloss.


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My build was the Hot Rods to Hell Corvette, made from a gluebomb Revell Corvette I picked up on eBay. Fully stripped and rebuilt, it also received a new intake from my parts box, ignition wiring, bobbed front clip, raised front axle, a scratch built roll bar, 3D printed piecrust slicks, resin wheels, and custom decals/license plates.






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I season 6 of Marvel's Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D Clark Gregg returns as "Sarge" and he is driving a 379 Peterbilt from another dimension. The truck is heavily modified and has a one-off trailer. The truck is a large part of the 6th season and I figured this would be the subject of my build. 

I started with the Italeri 378 and extended the hood and moved the cab back to created the 379. I had to find an old issue of the kit as I needed the flat top sleeper and not the high top. I custom built the front bull bar, side tank on the cab, fender details and all other details to match the TV truck. 

Nearly all of the trailer was scratch built. with an Italeri trailer donating parts to get the base. The details on the sides were cut on a waterjet to get the correct size, shape and details. Solder hand rails and other details created the look from the show. Lots of scratch built parts and parts bin parts went into this build. 



2020-01-20 17_58_53-(2) Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (S06E08) _ Sarge(Coulson) put bomb in Truck a.jpg







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My 2020 Cannonball entry is based on the Shelby Cobra CSX#3243, seen in the movie "The Gumball Rally".   This is one of my favorite car movies from back in the day, and the Cobra, one of my all time favorite cars.  The kit started as the Revell/Germany Feinstein Racing edition.   Bill (65slotcar) came through with some front and rear bumpers, as the kit did not come with them.   I opened and hinged the doors and trunk, added wires to the engine, framed in the trunk compartment, and added engine bay tins, handpainted the Cibie fog lights, seatbelts, scratched some electric fans for the rad, and detailed the dash.   I primed everything with Duplicolor sandable grey primer, painted the body with Craft smart, metallic acrylic 'Sapphire',  cleared with Alclad II 'Aqua Gloss Clear', the trunk interior with Alclad II 'Duraluminum', the rest , a mix of Tamiya, Testors, and craft smart paints.    ....On to the pics..










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Model kit is the  Italeri - Ferrari 275 GTS (Spyder N.A.R.T.), finished March 11.  Whenever I read about the Spyder, there was usually a reference to the Thomas Crown Affair, starring Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway.  I rented the movie just for research, felt totally ripped off because the car got about 20 seconds of screen time, and was never started or driven, so no musical V12 sound, no chase, nothing. ?  The movie car has the alloy wheels, so this is not an exact replica, but owners often switched wheels, and repainted and upholstered different colors to suit them, so I could argue it's a later period of ownership.  In fact, Steve McQueen owned a NART.  So it barely qualifies for this group build, but I did it for me.

The most common screenshot from the movie, which came after the following scene:
A much better shot of the whole car:

In situ needing Ethyl.  Fujimi wheels and tires from the Daytona kit.  Most of the cars I researched did not have a radio antenna.

I opened the doors and trunk.  Had paint issues, also didn't like the first result so stripped it, got a better match the second time.  Aftermarket emblems on the trunk.  Added piping to the seats, and belts.  Added a fire extinguisher, because the last one sold for $27.5 million auction! ?

Sent the bumpers, window cranks (which were separated from the door panel), door mirror to get chrome plated.  Current AZ Barrett-Jackson license plate.  Stainless steel exhaust tips.

Vacuum-formed the headlight covers, made reflectors for the headlights.  Made the teardrop side lights.  Added bug splats, because it's driven.

Added plug wires with Historic Racing Miniatures distributors contributed by a forum member. ?  Added fuel pump and lines, radiator hoses, air horns, transmission cooler, battery cables, steering shaft and box, plaques, oil sump tank, washer bag, and hood prop rod.

The Fujimi Daytona has most of the tools for the kit, which sells for the price of a decent car!  Made the missing tools such as the wood handle hammer, oil filter wrench, some jack parts, hazard sign box, fan belt, spare fuse box, manual, etc., and the leather bag.  Gas cap, and trunk liner to boot. ?
The interior passenger foot rest was a molded on part, made a separate unit.  Final touch is the model box.

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My entry is Tony P's Cadillac from "Mystery Men" where he reminds us that "disco is not dead, disco is life!"

I used the Revell custom Cadillac lowrider with the diamond tuck interior from the Donks kit. I modified the suspension to sit higher and gave some positive camber to the front wheels to make it look like the hydrolics are locked up. I used a yellow sharpie over some of the chrome for a gold plated look. I modified the kit grill so I could use the hood ornament. I added a continental kit to the rear bumper and made license plates.










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Cue Muddy Waters:  I built Lane Myer's 67 Camaro from better off dead " I started with the Revell 67 Camaro.  It went together very well.  For the "Twist" I swapped out the stock engine for an LS from the Monogram/Revell 2002 Camaro Z28. I figured it would be the most reliable for going the distance and the 6 speed gearbox will be good for interstate cruising. I used BF Goodrich white letter tire decals(as seen on the movie car) from Mike's Decals. I swiped the wheels from the Revell 67 Chevelle and tires from Revell also. The ski rack is from an old MPC Dodge. The Mr. Gasket decals on the coil pack covers is my way of paying tribute to the original engine. In the garage scene Lane and Monique are mounting a "Mr Gasket" air cleaner.

I had alot of fun with this one, I bet I watched  the movie 10 times this year, when I would work on the kit, I had the movie playing in the background.  

"Gee I'm real sorry your mom blew up Ricky." "Doctor says she's gonna be ok, I guess she just won't be able to eat any spicy foods for awhile" ??? 

A special Thanks to all the Cannonballers who without your participation and support wouldn't be possible...









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 1965 Chrysler Imperial aka The Black Beauty from The Green Hornet (2011).

The original:


Always wanted to build it since I first saw the movie. Thanks for this years theme of movie cars to motivate me and to get it done finally!


Kit:  Resin´65 Imperial Coupe (copy of the vintage AMT kit?) of unknown manufacturer.

Modifications: Turned into a 4-door, vinyl roof pattern sanded off, engraved new door lines, added window posts, reshaped back lite, shaved door handles.

Scratch built: Grille, grille housing, hood mold, headlight bezels with lenses painted transparent green, engine bay, printed hornet emblem decals, center mounted license plate frame with revolving plate (just like the movie car), tinted window glass.

Wheels: Pegasus 23" ChromeTs, painted and knock offs added.

Chassis: Modified Testers CheZoom.

The Twist: Dodge Sidewinder V10 engine.








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Lotus Esprit S1 from The Spy Who Loved Me (1977).


"Wet Nellie" was amphibious and featured retractable wheels and a revolving dashboard etc., but in land mode she was essentially the same as the first production Esprits that rolled out in 1976. No "twist" here, I've just had fun trying to build a curbside replica using the Fujimi kit.

The exterior was painted and clear coated with Tamiya rattle cans, then sanded & polished before masking off everything for the black details. The interior was painted using a brush and a lot of micro masking tape for the (not quite) tartan and chrome. I mixed the colours to represent the actual car rather than how it appeared on screen. (Although the 007 upholstery looks grey, it’s only because the movie makers messed about with the colour grading of the film: the fabric was actually standard green/red tartan. And, yes, the carpet was orange!).







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If you love car chase movies, then you must have seen Dirty Mary and Crazy Larry at least once, if not a dozen or so times like I have.  My rendition is mostly stock, the engine is detailed a bit with some wiring (MAD distributor), scratched fuel lines, Fireball Modelworks carburetor, wheels and tires.  CB radio is of course included with a scratch built antenna.  Paint is Vallejo Yellow/Green acrylic and depending on the lighting the car will look one or the other (kinda like the car in the movie).  Decals I think were from Mike's decals.  Turned out to be one of my favorite builds.  Hope you like it.








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Dalton's 1965 Riviera from the movie Road House.

Early in the movie it has typical Buick rally wheels, but after getting slashed Dalton runs on replacement tires with steel rims. That's the version I've built here.

Rustoleum Dark Cherry paint. Home cast resin rims on parts box tires. Corvette LT5 engine. BMF. Interior trim and gauges designed in Adobe Illustrator, laser printed decals. Weathered and dusted with washes and pastels.




65 Riviera Side.jpeg

65 Riviera RtRear.jpeg


65 Riviera AboveNoHood.jpeg

65 Riviera LT5.jpeg

65 Riviera RtFront.jpeg


65 Riviera LeftRear.jpeg

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So here is The marked for death Mustang. Got it as close to lookin like the movie car as I could. Wish I would have had the fender badges ?. Aside from that I'm happy with the results. This was a challenging build. The engine is a 351c from another kit as is the fan shroud. The exhaust tips are styrene tubing. Wheels came from the stash. Thanks for lookin. Comments always welcome. Needs a good waxing?.





download (2).jpg

i000514 (1).jpg

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Built as if it was recently recovered from a backstage studio lot (after having sat since 1995).
During this build I lost interest several times, pressured myself for time and ended up with less desirable final results – but hey I guess it’s done enough.

It does include a 25 year old aged/weathered exterior; inc. signs of a quick black paint job, over the factory silver (the real car was hacked 10th Anniversary Edition car!) an unsound exhaust system and an aged/rusted undercarriage.

The interior includes worn/split seats, a relocated steering column (placed in the correct location) and I deleted the stereo. Rumors say the real car had no stereo in it – so I went with notion it was stolen.  On the plus we did find Billy’s original “Boom-Box” in the back seat with the original cassette tape still in it!







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