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Peterbilt 352 from Convoy

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There is so much to say about this one! First of all you captured the original perfectly! The added details, the wipers, the cab latch, the grill, the load and tarp  on the the trailer, the corner glasses on the windshield, the opening doors and the perfect weathering are just a few of the upgrades which add to this great build. I agree this is one of the best 352 that I have ever seen.

Excellent work!!

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Thanks, guys! I'm glad you like it.

8 hours ago, TECHMAN said:

Did you "scratch build" the load on the trailer?

Yes, the load is fully scratch build. I also modified AMT flatbed trailer and lowered it 4mm at the back.

2 hours ago, Safire6 said:

Did you use the AMT kit for the 352

Yes I do. I shorted  wheelbase on 10mm, modified front axle, made some new details: air filter, exhaust support, cab lift hydraulic cylinders, grill, mirrors, door handles and some other.

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DJ Moore, 

Geoff Brown, 

Larry Dailey, 

Steve Broerman,

Bisiaux Philippe,

tommy iknow,

Brian Smith,

Helmut Müllner,

Doug Edwards,

Bill Newcomer,

Håkan Persson,

Chris Roos,

James Bongiovanni,

Rick McLane,

JT Williams,

carl slusher,

Steve Cambouris,



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On 11/21/2020 at 12:43 AM, Warren D said:

Great job!  I've often thought of building some of the other trucks from the movie.

Thanks, Warren!

I grew up on this  movie. In my childhood it was impossible to find any information about those ancient trucks,  no books, no magazines, no internet, nothing. Only those old trucking movies. That's why I've watched them hundreds of times and remember every truck, even used for minor action.

And now i want to enjoy seeing them on my shelves.


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