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29 Cartoon Monte Carlo.


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Thanks Jason. Yes they were especially when after building and painting the body, you look at the decal sheet and realise that the advertising decal at the  front of the doors is one piece . So therefore being shocked that the rest of the decal starting with the number 29 is one piece right to and over the rear wheel arch! Plenty of soaking in warm water and using a large bristle model brush also soaking the side of the car to stop the decal snagging on a dry surface during the lay-up! Then breathing afterwards!

I normally lay-up all decals on a body before fitting to the chassis. In this case realising that some of the decals overlap the glass, fit all windows first then fit the body to the chassis. But I normally clearcoat before assembly to make sure the decals don't dry and fall off! I've had a few older kits do that in the past. So lay up all decals, await to dry, find a large head craft brush and carefully paint on the clear coat from a small Humbrol tin! 

And it worked far better than I first imagined!  

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I still have a bunch of Scaley track I need to sell someday.   You can fit 1/24 on it, but no passing!!!  lol  I eventually routed a 6'x 12' layout, 3 lanes.  It was designed for up to 1/24, but there were some squeezes that 1/32 wouldn't make so you have to plan a bit.  BUt 2 1/24s would fit and be crazy enough.   

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