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White 4000 w/resin hood - build tips anyone?

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Hi everyone,

Wondering is anyone has any tips on building the White 4000?  I got lucky and finally landed a resin White 4000 resin hood. The hood is if course, shorter than the White Road Boss one from the kit.

I'm looking for advice on how to handle the engine? I don't think the Cummins will fit (maybe remove there radiator?) but the "NO engine" option isn't ideal either.  Open to feedback/suggestions here. Thanks in advance!!




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The Cummins will fit with a little work. These engines were tilted to allow more room as you can see in the pictures and you will need to make a dog house in the cab and cut the firewall. Here is a couple of pictures of the Cummins engine and the interior of a real 4000 and the interior of a 9000 that I built with a dog house. I don't like AMT's hood hinges so I cut down doll house piano style hinges for the hood. This allows the hood to fully open as you can see on the Diamond Reo picture. I built a short hood Diamond Reo with an 8v-71 and a 9000 with a 6-71.











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Thanks Brian!  That's super helpful. I'm not sure why I didn't think "dog house in cab" but the reference photo is the perfect resource. Given that, I feel more confident about putting in both radiator & engine (per instructions) and modifying the cab firewall as needed to scoot closer to the hood line.

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