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Watching all these fantastic builds getting posted , and the excitement of the 2021 brbo start date getting close , I figured I d post my project too.  

I'm planning a tribute build to the retired fleet of Brockway 361s of Barney Dickenson. This is actually the 2nd BD mixer ive built of their fleet,, the first one belongs to the owners now.  1660582168_Bhusky1.jpeg.c226dfcf057fb7926d830506a2256251.jpeg

These trucks were hugely popular driving around the Southern Tier. Recently they started to clear out the retired trucks and scrap them out . Thankfully a few trucks are being saved , and mine will be a small tribute for my Husky collection. 



See ya very soon ! 

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I also wanted to update everyone participating in the 2021 BRBO that Gary Wallace of gwtrucks is sponsoring our event with a 25.00 shop credit  to the peoples choice winner  ! A special thanks to Gary for his gracious contribution to our event! 

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I would like to enter the 2021 BRBO

However, not yet decided what to build: at home I have now following kits ready to start:  Mack R685, Autocar Dump truck, IH Paystar 5000

When do I have to communicate wicj one?

Can I build more tan one ?


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Jaume- the un - official start date is Jan 1st 2021 , but you can join anytime . Feel free to post photos of your intended build anytime , we're really lax on the rules ! 

Thanks for joining us 

Oh, yes your welcome to build more than one but select which you'd like considered at the end for voting on people's choice 

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So here is my dilemma on the T800.  I have the AMT T600 and transkit. I also have a few of the Revell dump boxes in hope to build truck and trailer. My father-in-law has driven three of these, first one was a 1996 with a cat. These pics are of the 2011 with cummins, and his current ride is a 2017 that looks identical to the 2011. My goal is to build something that resembles but will not be an exact duplicate, with only minor details added.  So I  think the Revell box will be close enough once the tailgate gets squared up. The only other item I need is a steering axle that is similar to the one pictured...if possible.  Any and all help is appreciated. 


work and Tim 047.JPG

work and Tim 049.JPG

work and Tim 053.JPG

updates 003.jpg

updates 004.jpg

updates 005.jpg

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