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Looking for 18"-20" steel wheels and all terrain tires

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You can make your own wheels with a set of Pegasus sleeves. I'd stick a set of chrome reverse wheels with baby moon hubcaps in a set, paint them and rechrome the hubcap. For the tires, I'd try the Desert Dogs from the AMT '84 GMC "Deserter".

I made these wheels with the sleeves.




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1 hour ago, Quiet Eric said:

Thanks guys. Those resin 24" ones on ebay are way too big. Good idea with the pegasus sleeves. The tires from the Deserter are cartoonishly large so I'll keep looking there.

Check out Fireball. http://www.fireballmodels.info/

Joseph's got a lot of off road wheels and tires, and his work is beautiful!

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Thanks for those Erik! That first set of wheels might be just the ticket. Tires are going to be the issue I think. I had reached out to the 3dscale guy seeing if he might offer an option for me as he makes the wheels and the tires I need, just not together. Haven't heard back yet though and yeah, kinds pricey!

The Raptor tires might be something I can work with, thanks Casey!

I think I also might have some luck buying resin tires that are close enough and opening up the center to fit the larger wheels, then contouring the sidewalls to the right shape.

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