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Greetings from Western New York

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I started modeling fairly young ... I think my first models were some very simple small cars ordered from the back of a cereal box. When young through high school, I built mostly tanks and planes.  While in college (Michigan Tech), my roommate (and still best friend) was a real motor head, enjoyed building model cars, and got me doing that as well.  We were often found working on models on those cold winter weekends up in the Keweenaw, and would hit the local Pamida store to see what new kits they had.  Pamida was the only place I ever went to that sold Johan kits ... I really wish I had bought more of them at that time.  A couple years later, we both entered some models in a state fair.  I took first in the Stock Car category with a 51 Chevy Convertible (the paint makes me cringe today ... automotive touch up paint over bare plastic ... and second in the Truck class with a 53 Ford Pickup.  I didn't realize I'd be going against semi-trucks and big rigs, so I'm actually more proud of how the truck did.  Oh, my roommate took first in custom car class, with a pink and burgundy hacked up 39 Ford Sedan.

That was many years ago and now I live near Rochester, NY ... but I've sort of kept it up when I've had the time. I've got too many projects going that need to be finished ... painting seems to be my blocker.  I used to be pretty active in the old Model Car Yahoo group, when it was still a thing.  I enjoy modeling cars more than the military's kits I used to build, because I can be a lot more creative with the autos.  What I am building is my vision, rather than trying to make it look like a proper military vehicle.  Granted, I just like building things ... I do woodworking as well .. and have way too large a stash of unbuilt or partially finished kits, mostly auto, but some military.  I do like oddball German WW II stuff.

Now that I'm mostly working at home, due to COVID, I've got a couple model kits next to the desk where I work.  Gives my hands something to do while I'm in meetings, and I spend too much time in meetings, so ...  🙂  I tried to get my kids (now young adults) into the hobby.  My son likes to build things, but only if they can be built quickly and do not require glue or paint.  My daughter was more into painting ... she has turned into quite the artist ... but has little interest in cars.  Ah well.

What do I like to build?  Quit a bit really.  I'm fond of hot rods (mostly Ford) up to about 1948.  I like 50's Customs.  60's muscle Cars (strong bias towards GM cars) and Resto Mods of less popular cars ... again, wish I'd bought more Johan kits back in the day.  Modern cars are okay, but very are hit or miss with me (other than for parts).  Not a strong interest in foreign cars, though some do catch my eye.  I'm having fun with some VW Beetle kits ... working on building a Baja Bug using the Tamyia kit ... and I do like cars like the Mini, the Jag and similar cars like that.  I've picked up some of the Heller kits of old cars with any eye to hot rodding them for something not normal, but after watching a number of Jay Leno's Garage episodes on Youtube, I think I'll now be building some of them as they were intended.  Couple of mashups as well.  Going back to college days, one car I admired was a Datsun 280 with a Chevy small block.  I'm building that now with the Datsun 240 kit.  And what to do with the Datsun engine?  Hmmm, that looks like it would work nicely in a Model A highboy hot rod with an updated suspension.

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