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Hello Everyone . Here are some photos of military dioramas I built a while ago when I got back into the building hobby after decades long absence . A.W.O.L.

 WW1 soldiers by Dragon , 1/35 scale , approaching German pillbox . Pillbox made from Dollarama hobby board covered with joint compound and painted .

 Barbed wire is piece of old window screen. Soil is joint compound with pigments . Water filled crater is Vallejo Still Water

 " Come out with your hands up!"

WW1Bunker right.jpg

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WW1 French Renault tank . Air-brushed and hand painted camouflage . Tricky kit to build .

 Soldiers are ICM kits , 1/35 scale.

 Cobblestones are joint compound , removed bristles from paint brush , squared the brass holder and stuck that into compound for the blocks .

French tank left.jpg

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WW2 German Kubelwagon by Tamiya . Air-brushed Tamiya colours , light weathering with pastels .

 German fallschirmjagear ( para troops ) . Dragon kit , hand painted camouflage uniforms/helmets .

 Street is pre-molded plastic . Street light from HO Gauge model railroad . Flower box is pop sicle stix .

 Wall is hobby board and compound .

 All 1/35 scale .

Kubelwagon WW2.jpg

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My depiction of camo uniforms might not be 100% accurate but I'm in it for the fun .

 The crest on the wall is a small lapel pin with "B" . Fence is gate from N Gauge railroad .

 And there we have it .

 I hope you enjoy them .

Kubelwagon back.jpg

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Thanks Carl. The base we used for the WW1 bunker/soldiers was a sports plaque that would hang on a wall . We find these in Goodwill for 50 cents . Remove the brass plaque

and they're all set .

 French tank base is from Michaels , not the greatest wood , quite soft and it warped a bit .

 The German kubelwagon base is scrap pieces of wood , coated with marine exterior varnish by Beautitone .

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Hi Jim . The FT-17 French tank was by RPM Models . I think they're a Polish company.There's a kit review on-line .

                Probably this kit is less detailed than Meng .

                Nice fit-up with the kit., Tracks are 1 piece molded rubber . I had a bit of difficulty with them . It's the first armour kit I've done .


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Thanks for feedback Larry .

Jumping back and forth between building model cars and military dioramas can be fun .

Jim , I watched a You Tube video of that Meng kit , lots of detail . Good reviews . I've never built any of their product , but it seems they have a loyal following .


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