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Late '50's/Early '60's Aston Martin Green

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Anyone out there know a very good paint match for vintage Aston Martins? Particularly the green seen below?

A bit ago, I got a "Holy Grail" of mine.......the MFH 1961 Aston Martin DB4 Zagato kit. It was started (body painted) and while it's not bad, it's had some nicks and dings in certain places where they can be seen.

I'd like to strip it, redo it, but I don't remember the paint the fellow I got it from said he used.

It's this car here I'd like to do down the road...............


And here's the kit I've seen built up..........VERY nicely done whoever did this.


Thanks for any info fellas!

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If you are interested there is a copy of Octane Magazine #181 - July 2018 that has a feature on the Aston DB4 Zagato. It is on the cover so must be a major feature on the car. Though you may have it already.

The February 2020 copy of motorsport also has a feature on the DB4 GT Zagato. Not read it yet but like the Lola T70 it maybe a continuation car.

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You did it?
I'm in the process of collecting references to the DBR1 from Le Mans 1959. It is very difficult. Also in the field of car painting. At that time, each car could have been different and there was no documentation. Also missing from Aston Martin in 1959. Race photos are black and white or colored.

For now, I know it could have been California Sage, or ... Almond Green, ... or something else :)

The build has not started yet and I am already fighting ... :)

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