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amt 25 T bucket


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been a long time since my last post,I'm slow.this is the amt kit I wanted something like to tognotti's but with a little more power.I wanted a stock length hood so I had to set the engine back.I did not want the tires hanging out too much so I widened the back fenders and narrowed the rear end.I put it on air bags so it could be raised to a driveable hight,small block chev from revell, 9"ford rear from amt,added fuel,brake,air and oil lines tried to wire most everything,a lot of scratch built parts motor mounts,suspension mounts etc.many hours.Paint is duplicolor,chrom is airbrushed molotow hope you enjoy it,comments welcome good or bad,Thanks for looking










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Wow....what a ton of work it took to create this model.  I also like that you were not a slave to current 1/1 scale hot rod build trends, thus yielding a very creative, yet totally killer result. Great paint finish, too.  Big congrats....TIM 

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Wow. That's beautiful. Your attention to detail (and very nice photography!) results in a model that could appear to be the real thing at first glance. The gorgeous paint and jewel-like engine don't hurt, either! Saving these photos to my inspiration folder :D

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