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Westernstar 6900 oilfield bed truck

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i started this a few weeks back....it will be around 26" long with a wheel base of 408 ..i started by using the cab & hood from a Austrian Western Star (green cab ) i filled in the back sleeper door to make a day cab..the challenge was to cut the hood up so i would have a top and front part to go around radiator after add a little cut a little it all worked out.. frame is complete scratch built..  i used a Cat C15 for the engine..has a pulling front end with wide tractor tires. the rears are 1/32 bigfoot.. the 1st picture is the real truck ...







DSC04104 (5).JPG

DSC04105 (2).JPG

DSC04106 (2).JPG

DSC04109 (2).JPG

DSC04114 (2).JPG

DSC04115 (3).JPG

DSC04121 (2).JPG


DSC04152 (2).JPG

DSC04154 (2).JPG

DSC04155 (2).JPG

DSC04157 (3).JPG

DSC04158 (2).JPG

DSC04159 (2).JPG

DSC04160 (2).JPG

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10 hours ago, gotnitro? said:

Awesome build,  I really enjoyed building mine ! Nothing like huge tires on a massive chassis for a working truck ..


this is my 4th one ,but 1st one on the big tires...send me pictures i would like to see your truck. are is it on here ?

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a little update..got the cab lights and horns installed..breathers mounted and all plumbed in..what a pain in the butt..but with soft wire ties and flexible drinking straws i got it done , and if u dont have any u need to get u some for scratch building and kit bashing..good stuff..   and also check this tool out..i love it ..https://www.amazon.com/gp/slredirect/picassoRedirect.html/ref=sspa_dk_detail_0?ie=UTF8&adId=A042612536GELS6IEILRU&qualifier=1607466331&id=8620617950967180&widgetName=sp_detail_thematic&url=%2Fdp%2FB07SHBYDDP%2Fref%3Dsspa_dk_detail_0%3Fpsc%3D1%26pd_rd_i%3DB07SHBYDDP%26pd_rd_w%3Dcokdt%26pf_rd_p%3Df0355a48-7e73-489a-9590-564e12837b93%26pd_rd_wg%3DN1eGW%26pf_rd_r%3DWB8Q9QNBBC4D651N1Q2Z%26pd_rd_r%3D4713f0c2-f0ee-422f-af87-4113951bd939

DSC04168 (2).JPG

DSC04169 (2).JPG


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            That sure is a long truck . I love the idea. And it looks like you have done a bit of work already . I will be looking forward to further updates .


    Be Well



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On 12/8/2020 at 11:05 PM, Bills72sj said:

That is way cool!!! It is like a Monster truck that works for a living.

Oh man , watch a couple videos of oil field trucks sometime ...its shocking . Their massive working machines carrying insane loads across worse terrain than ice road truckers 

Really cool tool I'll have to add one to arsenal

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On 12/31/2020 at 1:27 PM, butter said:

The weathering on the frame and engine came out really nice.

thanks..i use pastels and weather as i build going back when build is finished and give it a good going over

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