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My fleet of jet cars

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Thank you all!!!

On 12/10/2020 at 3:05 PM, rob1957 said:

Fantastic work . Something right out of Mad Max genre .

What method are you using to create that excellent rust effect ? I haven't had any luck with that at all.

 I see videos explaining chipping effects on armour but nothing like what you have created here . The Picasso of rust effects .

Thank you Rob. i start with a base coat of rust colored primer. Then two coats of Dullcoat. Third is a few layers of Acrylic latex in the body color. Lightly sand until it wears thru the latex and the rust primer shows thru. I'll go back with Acrylic rust colors and give it random highlights. I use 4-5 different rust colors for the highlights. Dry brush or with a sponge.

Here's some more photos. Close ups of some of the small details. I love putting in tiny details. Most of which isn't seen unless you're really looking.


My 1st attempt at the fins on the afterburners.


A cool undercarriage view showing the Gundam parts, styrene rod and the kitchen sink. Before paint and weathering.


Flight controls. All of them have the steering wheel designed like a flight yolk. Plenty of levers and a few have computer screens.


Another undercarriage view.


I'm still working on the Jetvette. Procrastinating on the livery decals.


It's almost complete at this stage. I just need to do a little weathering. It wont be as weathered as the rest. Just a little grime.


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It has all been said, creativity,  outstanding weathering, art. Woderfully executed thematic project.??

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these are some of the most awesome build I have ever seen, they are so fantastic, great weathering and detail, like someone said you can't stop looking at them. Bravo

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On 12/21/2020 at 8:48 PM, Paul Payne said:

Just curious, what are your bases made from?

The bases were given to me by my son. They're bases for standing Gundam figures on. If you look up MSG Chain Base, you should be able to find it. When you combine the price plus shipping, they get fairly expensive.

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