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1970 Galaxie 2 dr. Hardtop


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Just finished this one up. It's an old Stevens International issue of the AMT kit. It was a project that I started several years ago and lost interest. Not a lot to it besides the obvious two door conversion. I decided not to add an engine. So, it's just a curbside build. Wheels are from an unknown kit with the kit hubcaps. Tires are the old Good Year hollow Polyglas. Paint is Tamiya TS-1 Red Brown with a coat of pearl and clear. The interior was painted with Tamiya AS-15 Tan. Although the detail and interior are lacking, I think it turned out OK. Something different from my normal for sure! 








Thanx for checking it out! 

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Great job turning this four door into this two door. The body color and black wall tires reminds me of some of the old NARC units of that era. Nice paint finish and the interior color goes well with it. 

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15 hours ago, Bills72sj said:

Very nice "plain brown wrapper". I like what the pearl does to the finish. It is more realistic.

Thanx Bill! I really like the Tamiya Pearl Clear! It has a great effect that can't be captured in photos. It works best on lighter colors. In person, it's a little too obvious over this color.

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11 hours ago, '70 Grande said:

Really like this build! Can you provide more info on how you converted that body to a two-door and where you sourced that roof from?

There's a build thread in the Workbench section. Here's a photo that pretty much explains what I did to it.


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