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I was going through my Chevy/ GMC cabover pile looking for a suitable chassis for the crackerbox.  This one was the most complete.  The more I looked at it the more I wanted to save it. Somebody somewhere did a nice job once apon a time. Looks like it is a pearl white over copper with a light gold metallic frame. Hope I can find the other front wheel because I don't think I can match the paint. OB was sparing with the glue so it is coming apart easily. I scrubbed the cab with soap and water and the copper really sparkles. 

So, should I save it? 




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I have all the parts scrubbed, found most of the missing parts, some of which will not be specific to this model. The exhaust is going to be a parts box assortment.  Still cannot find the correct right side exhaust manifold. 

I actually found a fourth, fairly complete GMC Astro in like new condition,  but it looks to be the turbine kit. I don't want to rob parts from it incase the engine is all there.

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I could not find the other front wheel, and the only other one that was available was painted black.  I did not have any color in my stock that matched the blue, so I found a darker blue metallic and started adding silver until I got it close enough for who it's for.

Original one is on the right.


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I vote for saving it as a road worn veteran. Not shiny perfect, but not junkyard bound either.

I would've just mismatched the one wheel. The story would be - it got damaged when he "put the pedal to the metal and plowed through the great smokey road block on I95 back in '75".

Just have fun with it!

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?  that's a good one. 

Murphys law hit again. I pulled this box out of the closet yesterday that had Mack DM parts in it. I was sorting through it to see how much I had that could be turned into a DM 600. At the bottom of the box I found one black wheel,  and one blue & gold wheel.  ?


Here is the chassis pretty much completed.  I am leaving all the worn finish with very little touch up.  Any new parts have been dulled to match as close as possible. 



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