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BRBO 2021 KW Alaskan Hauler

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Hello and Happy New Year , hope everyone is doing well. 
This is my 2021 entry I’ll be using AMT Kenworth W-925 along with Auslowe’s Alaskan Hauler Transkit and a 46 inch Aerodyne sleeper.

I know what your thinking a 46” Aerodyne sleeper on an Alaskan Hauler ,are you crazy but I think  it will be a unique rig . 
Thanks for looking . 



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Thanks guys for all the complements, Ronnie I think I’ll use the double head light just to be different . 
update I got the frame together and stretched I added an 1/2 inch added another fuel tank on the right side , the rear wheel came in yesterday from Jamie .

I also decided to go with duel air intakes so I took an old hood that I had laying around (didn’t want to screw up the resin one ) and an opening on the left side .

thanks for looking.





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Thanks Jeff the front rims and tries are from Scenes Unlimited . 
thank you Bill .

question for you guys I’m going to use the engine from Revell 359 what do you guys think, I think it  sets a little low  . Any help would be appreciated . 
thank you 


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Thank you everybody for great comments . 
Hakan - I did rise the motor looks more like the picture you sent to me .

Dan - that’s the hards part of this build I have no ideal what the colors are going to be . 


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Thank you all for the comments , 

I’ve had a bad case of builders block have not touched this until today , I got the front wheels on the ground , mocked up the trans. Ran air lines to the rear breaks .

thanks for looking .



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