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BRBO 2021 - Volvo VN780 w/ Container trailer

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Well, I suspect it will be a few weeks before I get started on the kits, so I figured I'd at least get started on the build thread.

I'm building Italeri's Volvo VN780 and the relatively new AMT 40ft Container trailer, which I believe is just a reboxed Italeri kit.

The truck will be built pretty much box stock. I will be attempting to make the trailer more North American, as opposed to the Euro-spec it seems to be.

There's a container yard a few minutes from where I work, so I see these trucks daily, and will be stopping to see if I can take some pics for correct detailing.

I have a couple of ideas for the paint & decals, just figuring out which will be easier to make myself!





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Looks like a great build. I’ve been pulling sea containers now for 24yrs. I’ll be watching. I see these combos all the time. We have a Owner Operator that has a red Volvo like what your building and there’s several other truckers around St. Louis that run those Volvo’s too. If you need a pic of something let me know I’ll be glad to help 

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So I still haven't started the build yet, but last night I was playing around with making white decals. 

The colour scheme I'm aiming for is dark and requires white lettering, so I need to figure this out.

I have a backup plan just in case my experiments fail.


I've picked up a few different types of decal paper from some art supply shops, and am getting some okay results so far.


Fingers crossed.

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Finally got this thing started last night. Didn't get much done, but started laying out parts, sanding, smoothing, etc.

Noticed one of the rear splashguards had broken off in the box, so reattached that. 



In typical Italeri fashion, there are goofy decals, and plenty of them. According to the instructions, this truck is spcifically aimed for the American market, so I guess that means everything has to be star spangled. The Revell Pete 359 took this to even further extremes.



It does come with this sheet of "chrome" decals/stickers. Not sure how many of these I'll actually use



As I said, I didn't get much done. Just fitting the rear axles together. They still need to be sanded smooth. They're not glued in in this pic or complete. They're just placed in the frame to keep them square. Step 1 of the instructions is complete. 



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