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  Well, I got the box open! Been a busy couple of days and looks like from the others i'm already a month behind, LOL   Not sure yet what it will be, i'll get the basics done first. No dump box for sure. 


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On 1/7/2021 at 8:25 AM, gotnitro? said:

Nice build right there !!!  These trucks are so nice to look at 

One thing I've done before that helps the look , take a thin strip of plastic and attach  it under the cab door like a filler panel.  It hides the see through effect . 

Jeff, im not so sure u will say that when (or if) it gets completed, lol! And yes, i've got those filler panels out of an old road boss kit somewhere. I finished up a reo today, it may have em in the box,.

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Did a little bit more to it, it's in a "don't shake the table mode!" Got to do a little more work on the grille insert with the bars.  And with so many cool trucks going together its hard to find words to respond to all of em, but i'm watching every one!




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April pics, just under the wire. Back to home repairs and hospital visits now, but got a little bit done, more work on the scratchbuilt bed and the weathering, posting pics tonite with  a borrowed computer cause mine locked up again! Maybe trim and decals next month





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