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New iconic open wheel racer from Pocher (Big Boyz!)

Matt Bacon

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Jadlam Racing Models is trailing a new 1/8 Pocher Lotus 72D announced today in full JPS scheme for Fittipaldi's 1972 British GP car, priced at "only" £599... which is the same price as the 1/4 Ducati Panigale. With a bit of superdetailing you could probably give a $15K Amalgam model a run for its money (though they don't do a 72...)... The only other kit in the scale is an old Bandai/Entex, which goes for considerably more second hand. If you're into historic Formula One, or British and a certain age, there's probably no more iconic open wheel racing car...



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On 3/22/2021 at 9:27 PM, Dinky said:

Looks like a really cool model in a very interesting color scheme.  

Normally I would have pre-ordered but I'm hesitating as the latest models had a lot of quality issues

Arno, trust me; pre-order! I did (@modelbouwenzo).

I have seen 3D renderings of the Lotus (and no, unfortunately I am not at liberty to share them due to a NDA). But starting with the upcoming Ducati, there is a fresh start with Pocher and it is very promising!

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Hi Erik, the model looks amazing and I believe you straight away that the renders are cool also.
But Im still not convinced LOL

Hope you are right about the fresh start, it's definitely needed. Especially for the quality of their products and the service department, you should not sell such expensive models with so many issues.
With the first Huracan I missed a complete sprue and it took 6 months to get 40% of the missing parts. With the last one I requested spare parts in March, it took 10 emails and 7 phone calls to get the replacement parts on the last day of December.
Let's see if Pocher / Hornby learned anything from all previous issues with the Duc in their newest model.

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