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The Ugliest Corvette Ever?

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Just saw this on a FB page a couple days ago. I didn't know it was available as a kit car, but I thought it was The Magician built by Jerry Pennington and shown back in the '70s.

I saw his Scorpion, and Devilfish at World of Wheels in Chicago in the early '70s. Like those much better than this, even though the Magician does seem to flow a bit better than the Markette

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55 minutes ago, youpey said:


the corvette summer with luke skywalker was the very first one i thought of when i saw this thread

Me too. But it turns out, it's NOT the ugliest Corvette ever! :blink:

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On 1/6/2021 at 10:51 AM, SCRWDRVR said:


Gremlin tail lights and a Lincoln tire bump....

There is a car show in Toledo at the end of summer. It is held at a park out side of the Hydro-Matic plant.  It would be awesome to drive in there with that. LOL 

There was also a Corvette customizing shop down the road in the 70's. We would see some slightly customized plastic car but this outlandish. 

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