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I hope to eventually replicate my Grandfather's first car, a 1933 Dodge coupe. He hot rodded the car in the 60s by putting a 283 in it, with the all important Corvette valve covers and a 4 speed transmission. He still owns the car to this day. I have searched for a 1/24 or 1/25 model but have come up with nothing. Am I missing something? I thought a 1934 Ford Coupe would be pretty close. Here is a reference photo which is not of his car.


Thanks In Advance,




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Some years back, I built a 354-powered '33 Plymouth coupe...


Back in 2013, a fella in Oz was working on that era Dodge and Plymouth resin masters...

Here's another thread about the roadster...


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AND...the consensus is that you can get a good start with a '34 Ford. 

If you're working in 1/25, I'd suggest trying to find the 1/24 scale Monogram '34 Ford kit. As the Plymouth/Dodge cars are slightly larger than the contemporary Ford products, you'd be a little closer.

                          A question about the 60s Monogram 34 Ford kit - General ...


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