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Fast Freddy 1966 Chevy C10 Pro Mod truck build....

Dirt Demon

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I watched some Fast Eddie videos just now and he explains a lot about this truck. It is a real '64 Chevy C10 that he first rode in at age 6 and bought from his dad at the age  of 18. All the fire damage and rust is faux finish paint. He shows a section of the bed cover that is carbon fibre but shows rusty finish. Other sections are crazed like fire damage but again is faux paint. Interesting stuff. Who made the resin body for this model ?

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Cool build.

I have lots of pictures of "Fast Freddy" Fagerström's truck taken at events here in Sweden.

Freddy in action Tierp Arena 2013.



Freddy and his son (I think) towing the truck back, Freddys tow car is as cool as the race truck, Tierp  2014IMG_7203.thumb.JPG.12eea2e9027d795abc1cd4c4c3f45201.JPG


2015 he tried a turbocharged combination because he wanted to run the very fast top speeds the turbocharged cars run, but it only lasted one season and he went back to the old supercharged combination the next season, Tierp Arena.



This picture is from 2019, the car suffered a lot of fire and smoke damage in the winter before the season as a litium battery in his shop self combusted and caught fire and could have burned the whole thing down.
That didn't stop him and he came back and was race ready when the season started with a lot of help and support from his friends.


2020 was a sad thing as almost all drag racing activity in Europe last season was on hold due to the Covid pandemic.

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On 1/10/2021 at 8:46 AM, misterNNL said:

 Who made the resin body for this model ?

It's a really old body that was from "Flash Point Motorsports" I have one stashed away in depths of the hobby room. The pictures I found on Facebook were from 2013, I can't remember when I purchased mine. They've been out of business for some time.








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2 hours ago, misterNNL said:

This is a really well done body with a very stylish wedge shape and has great proportions. All this is combining to produce a killer drag model. I am enjoying following this thread.

A lot of his bodies were used by slot car racers. They produced some really nice products. I also have a VW made by the company.



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Got a little more done on it.... made the front struts.... got the 4 link in place along with a nice set of aluminum shocks and nut and bolt pins from RB Motion....taking shape now. Ordered my flame masks from Lazy Modeller ... they are coming from Australia so it will be awhile. Now time to finish the engine.








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8 hours ago, Force said:

Nice progress.
I don't know if it's your intention but if you are doing a true copy of Fast Freddy's truck the engine should be a BAE Hemi.

It’s not going to be a true replica... as I can’t replicate every decal on his truck. I’m adding my own flair and ideas as I go along.

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