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38 Chevy Gasser

Dan Hay

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This is the most recent Round 2 version of the AMT 37 Chevy. I had a partial Modelhaus 38 Chevy conversion kit on the shelf for over 20 years. The kit 37 grille is so bad (not resembling a 1:1 37 grille very much) so I used what I had of the conversion kit which was the hood, grille and one bumper. The Modelhaus kit came with the correct 38 doghouse but that got lost long ago. So I made the 38 grille and hood work on the 37 doghouse. Only 37-38 Chevy experts will know the difference. Anyway, this kit has a great decal sheet, and tires. I used drag city castings small window Halibrands for wheels. Painted to resemble tarnished magnesium. The paint was fun to do. The Hay Auto decal is my personal logo I printed on decal sheet.





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On 1/11/2021 at 9:41 PM, Dennis Lacy said:

That’s rad! 

The wheels look great. What’s your process for the color?

Oh, and what’s a “dog house”???

The doghouse is essentially the grille shell, when you remove the grille from a 37-38 Chevy it looks like a doghouse. It houses the radiator, grille and the headlights attach to it. 

I assume you were asking about the wheel color?  I feel like it's a little dark, but I used graphite spray. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Blaster-5-5-oz-Industrial-Graphite-Dry-Lubricant-8-GS/202597501 Even though it's technically lubricant, it sprays like paint. 

Sounds weird, I know. But I saw a video of a guy on youtube painting his 1:1 aluminum torque thrusts with it to look like magnesium. 

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