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Painted parts glueing

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I realize plastic cement is meant to bond plastic on plastic so how should you glue together parts that are already painted? Ive heard people say to just scrap the paint off on areas to be bonded which im not completely opposed to but are their any other ways which are better ? 

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Depending on the type of glue or bonding agent you use the parts will usually hold OK. But the best results will involve bare plastic against bare plastic where the two parts meet. This should be done with small enough mounting surfaces wouldn't be seen anyway

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11 minutes ago, mattg said:

You can use CA glue or Epoxy, but whatever you use, the bond will only be as strong as the bond between the paint and the plastic


And amazingly, this common-sense idea is routinely overlooked by lotsa folks who should know better.

Better by far to pin small parts.

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I usually build like color sub-assemblies before painting anything (engine/trans with painted valve covers, manifolds, fuel pumps, oil filters, etc.) or (chassis, suspension, subframes, mounts - sometimes radiator core supports) (bodies with bumpers, front grille areas and rear tailpans)

Then I can paint it all at once and minimize messy glue joints for the major parts. I find that detail painting the small glued-on parts easier than trying to glue them on after they've been painted. 

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