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Jaguar XK-120


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Below are some pictures of the Revell-Germany Jaguar XK-120.  I didn't do much to the kit other than adding some engine wiring, detailing the dash, and adding some p/e wipers.  Otherwise the kit was built box-stock.

Paint is Tamiya Spray Dark Blue (TS-55) decanted and airbrushed, and a mix of Tamiya acrylics for the interior.  All the kit chrome was stripped and repainted with Alclad Polished aluminum. 

I've built a few of the Revell-Germany classic sports cars and despite their age have found them to be great kits to build.  They're also pretty readily available at model shows and I try to pick up as many as I can.  

All comments and constructive criticism are welcome.  Thanks for looking!







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Beautiful looking paint and finish. The color looks Black on my screen but I have used that shade of Blur before and it is really dark. To me these car some of the best looking Jag's of all time. As a child this is the first sports car that I remember seeing, is this a plastic kit or the old metal bodied kit ??  

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Beautiful Jag. The XK120 demands a nice, smooth paint to show off those sexy lines, and yours suits perfectly. Very well done.

I have this kit in progress, though the project stalled a couple years ago. I am hoping to get back at it in the spring. Seeing the lovely job you have done on yours is helping to inspire me to get back at it once I get through a couple current builds.

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