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This one went quickly so there is no build thread. It was a side project while building my St John’s Jeep...


Digging in my junk box during pauses in my Jeep project, and just playing with odd parts has given me another trailer.


Tail lights are short lengths of Evergreen tube with scrap clear lenses I colored red (in the inside) with a Sharpie. Bumper was from the kit but was a gluey mess. I went with that and added rust colors to the glue texture.  Plate is two digits off from my car trailer. Since Acme plate generator doesn’t have trailer plates, this started as a plate for sale on eBay, photo resized. Then I just moved a digit on the photo to get a different plate.


The wheels came from parts bin, I only had two, perfect for this project. I think they were early 60s Revell Mopar since they weren’t that detailed, but look like cheap trailer wheels.


Wood is just that.. wood! Sticks from my backyard cut to short lengths. 


I did want a bright color,  so I used Tamiya bright green, enough left in can from my Chevette build for this but not a full model so I went with it.  Decals are from Dodge D50 pickup.


On the hook behind my Jeepster.


And I’ll share the build details..


Since the St John’s Jeep only used the front end of this old Jeep junker body, I had the back end to play with. At first I dismissed it, thinking it was too short,  but the voices kept taunting me!


Chassis is simple, as a home built trailer would be just that. It’s the rear portion from a Jeep chassis I had already hacked up for the transmission mount that’s under my Jeepster. Front pieces are just Evergreen rod bits from my scrap box. I believe the springs are from 1950 Ford pickup. Axle is simply a length of Evergreen rod.


And here’s a mock-up... front panel is Evergreen sheet scrap from the Jeep project. Spare tire is there not only because we need one, but also to visually fill up space.. and because the trailer was rear heavy!  Now left to its own, it settled on the tongue. That’s the tire carrier from the Jeep kit.


Tailgate was in my junk box but may have come from a 1:20 scale Jeep as it was too large. I liked that it said Jeep on it, which the Daisy’s Jeep kit doesn’t. I cut and sanded it to size and hinged it with a bit of Evergreen rod and two little brass eyelets made for ship modelers.

This whole thing pretty much came from my junk bins.  Waste not, want not!


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