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1970 Plymouth Sport Fury??

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There was one on eBay very recently from a fellow that I've bought from before. I have his '57 Buick Cabellero wagon and the '77 Lincoln Continental Mark V. He 3D prints the bodies and then casts them in resin. This one the auction just ended and mind you, this is just for the body.

You'd have to come up with chassis, interior, glass, etc to make it complete.

Body looks good to my eyes........you can check it out here.

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1 hour ago, MrObsessive said:

Body looks good to my eyes........you can check it out here

That actually looks pretty good. I am so leery about eBay resin parts that my default assumption in a pinhole, 1" thick, crooked mess. But that doesn't appear to be the case here. 

It comes with bucks to form your glass, so that's maybe little help.

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Erik, here's the Buick I got from him a while back. Lines are SPOT ON and this was actually a "test shot" of what he wants to offer as a full kit down the road. He has a Facebook page, but I know a number of fellas on here are not fans of Facebook. He gives you bumpers, but I can tell they are in fact directly 3D printed as you can see the resolution lines on 'em. Easy to smooth out then either have them plated or paint with a good chrome like paint.


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