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BRBO 2021 - Kenworth L-924 Logger (Dan's Model)

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Beside my other project  (Oshkosh M911 and Mack LT) I had started another one. It will be a logging truck from the late 50's / early 60's. I hope that I got it period correct. The for this one is one of Dan's Model Kenworth kit. I got it a few years ago and I never though to build it because I didn't had an idea how to build it.  This one is the worst kit that I had got from Dan's Model it seems that the mold had saw better days. There where some big resin chunks in areas were the mold seems to be damaged. I had to remove the spare post on the driver side step. It was replaced by a square plastic profile. Also the bottom of the radiator was a big chunk of resein. I think I have to rebuild the bottom section of the radiator. The hood had a big dent. I assume that the material is so thin had it could hold it strait. Here I added a brass profile on the inside of the hood to get it strait. There is still dent, but that will be remove with some putty.

The chassis was an old glue bomb that I had bought together with a sealed Matchbox/amt  White Road Boss.



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Thanks guys for your comments. But it is too late I had filled it. The dent looks too unrealistic on the top of the left hood wing. But I will do some weathering on the rig. 

I had start working on the Peerless Logger. What a piece of ........

I can remember this kit from the 70's when I had build the first one of it. The reach is too small, lots of flashes to remove. Yes it is an old Matchbox/amt kit. I should have know it better. I hope the the current release doesn't have this flashes


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Looking good, I like the water tank. 

I did one of the AMT logger kits a while back, and it was an older release, but from 80's-90's not original. It was not too bad, some flash, parts fit was reasonable. But I agree, not the best kit out there.

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I had modified the reach according to muleskinner's tutorial with Evergreen square profile #255/#256. It looks much more realistic than before



I not sure if I should extend the frame also at the rear end. I know that in the Pacific Northwest logging trucks have a long wheelbase and an frame extension at the back. But is this correct for a logging truck during den late 50' or early 60's.  I couldn't find pictures on the net

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