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'51 Talbot Lago Record by Heller 1:24

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Hello everybody,

and here another model. It was a French kit from Heller. I gave myself the kit for Christmas.
However, if I had known what difficulties I would have, I would never have bought the kit. Nothing would fit.  Anyway, too late to complain. All "heavy tools" were really brought up. The only thing that wasn't used was a hammer and chisel! lol The convertible top is covered with real leather.
I think it got pretty neat anyway?

Comments are welcome.


Greetings from Germany across the ocean!













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Great looking paint finish and I like the deep looking color. All of the trim looks well done. I agree with Gary, you wouldn't know that you had any issues with the assembly. 

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Hey, modelling friends...


First, many thanks for your nice comments... Makes me glad...


All the problems were that nothing was straight. Almost all parts were bent or twisted. Here we worked with hot water and a hairdryer to get the parts halfway straight again. All parts were still under tension and it was really annoying to build. Actually, I've never had such severe problems before. (... and I've been building for a few years!). So, now you also know why I am totally annoyed by this model. 😟


Greetings from across the ocean, Uwe.

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Perseverance pays off.  Gotta be a good feeling to take a difficult kit and make it turn out this well.  

May I ask what specific paint you used on the body?  Love that shade.  

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Hi Monty ...

This is purple metallic (dark lilac) from the spray can. I only paint with rattle cans. My wife found this shade and I liked it. That’s something completely different.

Best regards, Uwe.

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