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Hey everyone,

As most of you know, everyone has the ability to "report" a post or a thread. 

This could be for any number of reasons. 

  • thread in the wrong place, needs to be moved
  • inappropriate for some reason. Language, politics, religion, whatever
  • maybe the OP wants it deleted
  • maybe its a duplicate

This is all fine. If us moderators see a reported post, we always check them out and do what needs to be done.

However, when you report something, you have a little box to enter some info that is very helpful...like WHY you are reporting something.

So often, we get a report with no notes of any kind, and for the life of us we cannot figure why it was reported. It's in the correct section, there's nothing offensive or inappropriate, it's not a duplicate, etc. It is totally fine, yet someone felt the need to report it. Now we're confused.


Makes our jobs a lot easier if you can give us an idea of what we're looking for. 



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Even if nothing is entered in the text field, there are number of selection the person reporting can choose to indicate what the problem is.  If the report contains no explanation, and the default reason is selected, maybe someone accidentally clicked on "report post", then instead of hitting the X in the upper right of the reporting window they hit "submit" button? 

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Just hacking away what threw me a day or so ago.  It was a PM message post, hardly salacious, but somehow not robot-friendly.  Thanks for the guidance concerning what to properly make of such.  

Mike K./Swede70

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Clarity afforded via the input of others...
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3 hours ago, swede70 said:

Just a few minutes ago I encountered something on this board I never imagined could happen.  Apparently a moderator typed in some snide comment upon what I mistakenly believed to be a PM draft I was revising.  Somehow 'BLAH, BLAH, BLAH' appeared within the space of my copy - yes, really!  Nice work moderators - evidence of power in the hands of children with clearly little else to do.  

To be trolled by board visitors is one thing, to endure the trolling of what could only have been a moderator is something altogether new.  Really?  I this the only way a faceless type could exercise agency on a Wednesday evening?  

Mike K./Swede70

the blah blah blah happens when you use a curse word or banned word, its a word you used in your post/pm that the forum doesn't allow that gets changed automaticaly. I very much doubt the mods have time to check everybodies pm's given how many are sent on here each day

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In response to one of my past posts I got a quite nasty PM from someone making assumptions about me, my opinions, and my modelling ability. Worse still, was that person criticised someone else's modelling ability in the message to me.

I replied politely to each point he made, and also referred him to contact the other person that he was criticising directly if he had anything to say about them.                Did not hear any more.

To be honest I could not be bothered to report it, as I did not want the guy to get a moderator on his back and get a warning over it.

I unwittingly fell foul of a moderator some years ago and got a questionable warning. Been a bit more careful since, but the warning still sits there 'ad infinitum'. My only grouse I that if a warning is given, I feel that t should be deemed 'spent' after a set period of time and deleted.

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Gotta agree that warning points should expire after some time.

The safest thing is to just stick with the modeling part of the board. It's too easy to get caught up in some of the other more controversial discussions and cross the line inadvertently.

As far as reporting threads if you stick to the modeling aspect of the board you're less likely to run into the inappropriate behavior of others which might warrant reporting.

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17 hours ago, Bugatti Fan said:

My only grouse I that if a warning is given, I feel that it should be deemed 'spent' after a set period of time and deleted.

 I heard this a lot in High school, perhaps you did too...

That will be on your permanent record!

They should go away in a set period of time though IMO.

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