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‘29 Model A


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Just finished this one. Fun little kit! Box stock build except for added dash detail, plug wires, belt tensioner, and scratch built tail lights. Paint is Spaz Stix solid red and Testors clear laquer.







C9FA8A1E-B539-47EB-83D5-33695BD8DC65.jpegOops, forgot the exhaust tips!


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Thanks all of You for the nice comments!

Tom...I’m still working on the Jeeps.

Ken...I re-made the gage pod from styrene and printed the gage faces. The wood is veneer for counter edging.

Carl...I had to paint the grill shell since a chunk of chrome peeled off so I figured why not do the scoop too.


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On 2/11/2021 at 12:11 AM, Dennis Lacy said:

Very nice! The damaged chrome on the radiator shell was a happy accident because this model looks so much better with the shell painted. The paint detailed blower scoop is a nice touch, too.

Thanks...Yes, it did actually. It tends to “frame” the engine better, and it doesn’t overshadow the chrome suspension in my opinion.

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