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2013 Dodge Challenger SRT8 1/25 Revell #85-4390


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Simply black on black on black. How easy could this be. Could. The main work on this was to bring it through the face lift. I changed the grille and the rear lights. They rear lights are molded by my self in two parts: glas and the black plastic thing. It put on other rims and lowered the suspension a little. The rear windwos are tinted, the rear spoiler is removed. I didn't turn the dash board to the new model or some details on the body. But: nice anyway.

The basic model kit was the snap kit by Revell. Now some Pictures.








Thank you for your attention.

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Beautiful looking paint job, on both of them. My wife watches a weekly TV series about some under cover Police. On of the main characters drives a black Challenger just like this build. 

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Thank you very much!

It was a long time ago, I painted a black model kit. It turned out that good, that I immediately caught the 1999 Chevy Silverado (Revell) for another black build. I'll show it as soon as I can. 


The purple one is prepainted by Revell ;)

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