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Hello All

I am hoping someone might be able to help. I dropped my top fuel engine on the floor & both headers broke off. I located one, they other has disappeared for the moment. Too find it seems to require me pulling the entire shed apart. I am not sure what direction it went in. So I am wondering if anyone has a left exhaust header for an early 90's top fuel dragster (Joe Amato/Gary Ormsby Or similar) they wish to part with? It is chrome part number 52. Thank you



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The Zoomie headers on all the modern era Revell Top Fuel Dragster kits wich started with the Gary Ormsby Castrol GTX and Joe Amato Valvoline kits in 1991 and ended with the Tony Schumacher ARMY and Kenny Bernstein Budweiser King kits in 2002 are not exactly correct to what's used on the real Top Fuel cars but they were never changed and are the same in all of the kits, so you can use them from either kit.
They updated the tooling a couple of times over the years (but never enough) as the real cars changed  and I have a couple of each tooling version of these kits, the headers from the 2002 versions are not chrome plated as nothing in them are.
Revell also did Don Garlits Swamp Rat XXX Streamliner Dragster from 1987 and it was all new tooling, but the later 1991-2002 kits doesn't share much with that kit.

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No problems, thank you for looking. I have found my spare kit, which makes it a little less urgent. I would still love to know where the piece went!!! I have dropped smaller pieces & found them fairly easily. This is large piece. I am sure I will come across it one day. In the meantime I will see if someone has one on offer. Thank you



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