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Italeri/Testors Ferrari 250 GTO Spyder

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Posted (edited)
4 hours ago, afx said:

Here is one in dark brown.

Ferrari 330 GTC 365 Daytona Gtb4 Distributor Cap MARELLI Service Approved  for sale online | eBay

Ok, I would call that Bakeolite brown.  The numbers really help, shows the center top must be for the coil..... which I should make.


Thanks Jim!

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Something I really don't look forward to, but this body is rounded without many creases or ridges (except the spoiler), so not a great chance of screwing up.  Detail Master sourced emory cloth polishing "kit", then Novus polish.

Got this book, good price, has some good period photos of the cars racing with damage, which is something I want to do someday.

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Posted (edited)

Tonight it was chrome.  The hood latches got special treatment, the instructions say to melt the ends, illustration shows a screwdriver, and it's obvious that would be tricky.  I've used a nail head before, if one had to do this, that's my recommendation.  Punched a washer, glued to the part.  The prop rod is held in with wire insulation, hope enough glue is there!

Bare Metal Foil on the windshield frame, and front side lights.  All the chrome parts are put on, except the mirror I made.  Front emblem is Hobby Design, Ferrari script is Crazy Modeler.  Vanity plate is on.

Next is the glass.  Really want to make a door mirror.  Bikini top snaps.  Plug wires.  *edit* There are leather straps to help hold the hood down, something I haven't given much thought to, they all had them, tempted to just use Dutz fastener photo-etch.  *edit 2*  Oh yea, the headlight covers, I'm sure thinking about vacuum-forming better ones.  Was thinking I'm getting close, but I keep thinking of more details. 😬

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10 hours ago, Dann Tier said:

This is turning out GREAT!!!!....love that kolor too!!!!

Thanks for the comment!  Of course, I recall a Lotus that you painted yellow.  😁

6 hours ago, kelson said:

What an awesome project!,i've enjoyed following along!!.

Thank you for the kind comment.

22 minutes ago, beeRS said:

Stunning details everywhere on this build. 

Wow, thank you too for that!

Worked on the clear parts.  Decided not to vacuum-form the headlight covers, these fit perfect, and can live with the distortion.  Doing Bare Metal Foil on those covers is a pain, worked better to do the donut than strips.

Added Hobby Design mesh to the hood vents.  Glued the clear scoops, and the lights on with Testors canopy glue.  I wasn't sure if the rectangle driving light bezels are put in the right way, the instructions didn't indicate anything.

Some of the cars I looked at, have bare aluminum inside the doors, along with the rest of the interior, I thought it would add some color interest.

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Something I like to do, is make the reflectors from reflective Farmers Insurance sticker.  Cut polished aluminum plate for the bezel.  Now that I'm looking at the magnified picture, looks like a step backward. 🤔

Lenses needed the chrome bevel painted, no way was I going to BMF that!  Stuck on toothpicks.

The top snaps are the smallest Hobby Design allen screw heads.  Measured and marked on masking tape.  Since this is a fair weather car, didn't want to put the wipers on, so there are wire shafts in the holes.  Something annoying, the "F" on the script kept coming up, so a tiny dab of superglue fixed that.  There are jack plugs at the sill, glued on larger allen screws there.

The windshield: the plastic was packaging for something, it's better than Evergreen.  Made a paper pattern, then cut the plastic.  The bottom is held in place with the steel tabs, and it sort of snapped into the A-pillars, so a minimum of Testors canopy glue was needed.

One more photo-etch detail, Detail Master Dzus fasteners.  The radiator door (top center scoop shape) seems to have one, so that was a natural.  I wanted to update from the leather straps, so the hood has them now.

I was wondering if the door handles are in the wrong position, looked at numerous pictures, and discovered they were either forward, backward, and also down!  My excuse, you can use either hand to open the door.  The instructions also show the front turn signals as orange, but now that I looked, clear was the norm, but I'm keeping the orange.

Distributor wires, door mirror, and where the heck did I put the trunk hinges from the NART? 😑

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This ought to be the last scratch-built part for this project.  The largest sprue I had determined the size.  Used the cordless drill as a lathe.  When I cut off, sanded the mirror side at an angle.  After glueing on the post, drilled for the wire.  Painted with Alclad chrome.

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14 hours ago, NOBLNG said:

Wow, this is looking fantastic! I like all the little details. That side mirror looks real nifty.

Thanks for stopping in.

Mirror was made with a piece from a Trader Joes coffee can lid, punched out with this very handy tool.

Finally got around to the most annoying feature to make, and not really happy with it.  Felt like I was a bull in a china shop, had to use the magnifying glass, and brought in another light.

Last look before gluing the two halves together.

Exhaust tips glued on.  Flattened the tires.  Drybrushed some rust on the mufflers, simply because so much paint had been rubbed off.

Since I didn't have the box, made do with the instructions.  I have plans for the roof.

The trunk hinges are not to be found, and I really don't want to make them.  Think bug splats and a little road dust is next, but giving my eyes a break.

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From what you wrote about needing 2 magnifiers, I recommend the Optivisor.  Trust me, you will wonder how you got along this far without one.

I bought it about 25 years ago. When I first tried, it felt awkward - I put it back in its box.  MY eyes were still good for closeup viewing.  Several years passed by and I needed to do some microscopic modeling.  I took the Optivisor out and it really helped me in that project.  I set it down near the workbench and I found that I was going back to wearing it more and more while building models.  Now I couldn't work without it - it is like an addiction.  Granted, my eyesight has deteriorated - I can't focus closeup.  For super-microscopic tasks I have a stereo-microscope, but Optivisor gets most workout.,  I use mine with the #7 lens plate.

If you decide to get one, get the real Optivisor. Other headband magnifiers are nowhere as good.  I tried some friend's inexpensive magnifiers, and I would not exchange mine for theirs.

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21 hours ago, 89AKurt said:

Hate to admit I need it.  🧐

Release your hate - Optivise-yourself!  Your modeling will become much less stressful. ;)

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12 hours ago, Dann Tier said:

Absolutely BRILLIANT, Bud!!!!!

Thank you Dann, means a lot from you, my friend.

2 hours ago, absmiami said:

The optivisor is the most important tool on my workbench ...

Ok okay... 🤓🔍

2 hours ago, peteski said:

Release your hate - Optivise-yourself!  Your modeling will become much less stressful. ;)

👽 Does it work with glasses?

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1 hour ago, 89AKurt said:

👽 Does it work with glasses?

Yes it does (and I often use it that way).  But the glasses have to be narrow enough to fit into the visor part.  I have some glasses which are too wide, but I have one pair that fits.  My glasses are the cheapie readers from a dollar store (I haven't had my official eye exam yet), but if you get your glasses from an optometrist, you can probably choose a frame or  frameless lenses which will fit under the Optivisor.

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